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Welcome to the world, beautiful Poppy!

A new foal has been born at Lucy's sanctuary, and she is the cutest thing ever! Here's a first hand account from Lucy:

Our clever little Carrots finally gave birth to the tiniest, most endearing and precious little baby girl donkey I’ve ever seen.

She is such a wise little soul.

She has a deformity in her spine, Scoliosis so she has a little hunched back and it’s possible that she was born a little prematurely as she really is tiny.

We are watching her and her Mummy very carefully and my heart aches for her and I’m praying so much that she will make it...

She is so very beautiful, she has brown velvet fur with an adorable little white star on her forehead...

I have of course, fallen in love with her...such a tiny, vulnerable and innocent little soul coming into this world. Even with all the beautiful foals I've seen, she’s one of the most endearing ever.

At first we were concerned because she had trouble getting to her mummy's milk and she lay down a lot and seemed unsure of how to get up again and put weight on her legs. Thankfully though, it seems she is gaining strength by the hour and now nothing holds her back!

We are praying she’ll continue to get strong and manage well. Our vet has examined her and said that she will probably lay down a lot because she will get tired easily, and that we that should expect that. He says the concern is that as she grows and the spine will stretch out he hopes it will not cause any further damage so we will watch her closely of course,

I pray with all my heart for her that she will be healthy and be able to manage.

Carrots, is a truly wonderful Mummy and has now completely relaxed after being extremely grouchy throughout her pregnancy, not wanting anybody near her but thankfully she’s now back to wanting cuddles and love again. She had a bit of swelling after giving birth so she had to be treated for a few days.

With our little Poppy, we now have 40 donkeys to care for, one of whom is still pregnant, and 3 horses. Many of them have suffered horrific abuse, intolerable pain and terrible injuries and took a great deal of nursing to heal their wounds and get them back to health.

Each little one is of course cherished and the hope is that they will stay with us, here in our sanctuary, for the rest of their lives so long as we will have the funds to continue to provide them with the home and care that they need.

Every donation whether it may be a one off or a regular standing order, is vital for us to continue and for our sanctuary to remain open and be here for those who need us.

We are eternally grateful for any amount you may be able to give. THANK YOU ❤️

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