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There's an Arizona city where donkeys rule the town!

This isn't news about the sanctuary per se, but we thought you donkey lovers out there would enjoy this little story we found on the net....

We’ve all heard the familiar saying 'it’s gone to the dogs' but, in this case, it might be more appropriate to say 'it’s gone to the donkeys'! That’s right, in a little town in Oatman, Arizona, things truly have gone the way of the donkey with the adorable creatures having taken over an entire town.

It all started when Oatman was a mining town and people would use donkeys to pack things throughout the area. When the mines shut down and the miners began to leave town, they simply released their donkeys to stay behind. Rather than run away or get killed by wild animals, the donkeys took it as an opportunity to take over the town!

Even now, a trip through Oatman makes it possible to see descendants of the mining donkeys roaming freely across the streets and throughout the surrounding areas. Rather than being shy or skittish, they are very social animals and are happy to make friends with visitors.

These survivors who managed to learn to live off of the Arizona land without the help of humans are now a leading tourist attraction in Oatman. Click here for the full story with photos and video.

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