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Rescue mission for Gideon

Late at night two days ago, Lucy received a call for help from two kind people. They had seen a poor donkey, who had been left stranded in the heavy pouring rain and floods with ropes around his neck. He was soaked to the bone and at first it was thought he was a pregnant female because of round stomach. In the midst of all the storms, heavy rain and flooding in Israel, Lucy set all wheels in motion and the little soaked donkey arrived safely at Lucy's sanctuary in the middle of the night. He turned out to be an ungelded male with round tummy, rather than a pregnant female! Lucy gave him the name Gideon, after her beautiful rescue donkey who went missing after the arson attack on the sanctuary at the old location in August 2017.

Lucy kept him away from the donkey girls at the sanctuary while he was settling in, and this afternoon, the vet went to geld him. Although the vet does the gelding for a special price for us, it still costs 650 Israel shekels - that’s $188 or £144 or €170 - and we are currently in the process of raising the funds to pay for this.

Thank you so much to those very kind souls who have made a donation to help make it possible for us to pay to bring Gideon to the sanctuary. It is such a blessing to know that, at least, here is one little donkey who is now safely out of the storms and harm’s way, and in the cosy little sanctuary where he will be loved and cared for.

Below are a few photos of Gideon meeting some of his new, soon to be friends and tucking into his hay. And a photo of the flooding next to the sanctuary (drainage ditch overflowing), as a result of the extreme rainfall that has been plaguing that region of the world for some time.

If you can help towards the costs of the gelding or general upkeep costs for the sanctuary, we very much appreciate it. Just click on the relevant button below.

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