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Our outreach clinic in the Palestinian village of Amoria

Our clinical outreach work is the only lifeline for these overworked donkeys, mules and horses in the Palestinian West Bank. It’s all they have to ease their relentless suffering.

Access and movement is extremely limited into and around the West Bank during these COVID restricted times but our vet, Dr. Nour Kalabani, is doing what he can, when he can, to help some of the poor, suffering working donkeys, horses and mules.

What we do with virtually zero resources will never ever be enough and there are no miracles in these places, but all we can do is pray and hope with all our hearts that what little we do, what small amount of light we can try to shine in the darkness, will have some effect.

When Dr. Nour arrived in this small Palestinian village called Amoria, located between Nablus and Ramallah, telling the villagers that he had come from “Lucy’s Sanctuary”, they welcomed him with happiness and relief.

The owners brought their donkeys, horses and mules despite the dismal weather, very cold and heavy rain. Dr. Nour treated abscesses, wounds, gave painkillers, antibiotics, treated parasitic infestations, fixed nose chain covers over chains and with help from a farriery assistant, trimmed hoofs.

Most importantly, Dr. Nour made every effort to talk with the owners and encourage them to see their animals as the sentient beings they are and to treat them as such.

Our sanctuary is one thing and it is crucial for us to provide abused, abandoned and injured donkeys with a safe sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

But our clinical outreach work is the only lifeline for those overworked donkeys, mules and horses in the Palestinian West Bank, and we are so desperate to be able to expand this work somehow - but without sufficient funds and workers we can only do the absolute bare minimum, which at times, can just feel futile.

Thank you for supporting our critical work in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.

Click below for some impressions from Dr. Nour's recent outreach clinic


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