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Stevie's remarkable journey

Just look at how far partially blind Stevie has progressed! This video of him was captured recently, showing him thoroughly enjoying his now happy and safe life and it’s too good to not to show you.

It’s entirely thanks to the continued dedicated generosity and kindness of our supporters, that Stevie and his fellow rescued donkeys are able to experience life this way, safe at Lucy's heavenly little sanctuary in Israel, after having survived and being rescued from a life of such abuse and cruelty.

It would help Lucy and her hubby Adi so greatly if they were able to have a good person to help run the sanctuary and help take care of all the little donkeys - but to do that, we really would need to be able to at least pay some sort of a wage for somebody.

We thank you with all our hearts for your donations and support, we cannot continue without you. Please if you are able to, do continue to help us and share our appeals if you can, to help encourage more kind souls to support our work.


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