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Welcome Chips and owner Eyal ❤️

Meet lovely little Chips, our latest addition to our sanctuary bringing our total number of rescued donkeys to 54! He actually comes with his rescuer/owner, Eyal.

Eyal contacted us a few weeks ago desperately searching for a safe place who could take the little donkey he rescued as a baby. Chips had become an orphan as a baby when he and his mother were bought by a ‘donkey dealer’ in central Israel. The dealer sold the mother leaving Chips all alone until Eyal thankfully heard about him and bought him from the dealer. Chips is now about 7 months old and Eyal had originally found a farm in northern Israel where he could leave his little donkey to be cared for while he was at work.

Unfortunately he recently discovered the animals at that farm were not being treated or cared for properly and he felt determined to find an alternative safe place for his donkey. A Facebook search led him to contact us and he arranged to come to see our sanctuary which he fell in love with on the spot! He felt he knew immediately that ours was the place for his Chips and he made arrangements to organise the transportation.

During the conversation he happened to tell us that he lives in a mobile caravan, has a landscape gardening business and was currently looking for a new location to station his caravan. We immediately suggested he consider our sanctuary - that way we’d have an extra person for the sanctuary’s security, as well as an urgently needed extra pair of hands now and then - and he could have not only a lovely, peaceful environment to live in, but could also watch over his little Chips, truly a win for everyone. And actually for us, so far,

Eyal is an answer to prayer too, proving to be a godsend as he’s a conscientious, hardworking person, great at carrying out repairs and building things! Our sanctuary has desperately needed someone like him for so long..

Please help us if you can by making a donation and encouraging others to help too if possible, we desperately need more funding to be able to continue our work and keep our sanctuary operating. We are also still urgently trying to raise sufficient funding to enable us to replace our field fencing which is imperative to ensure our donkeys are constantly safe and secure.



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