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Jeremiah, Lucy's latest rescuee

Lucy and her team just rescued another donkey boy, Jeremiah. Like Noah a few days previously, he was also confiscated by the Israeli army at the border. He belonged to children who were beating him on his raw open wounds.

One of the services Lucy is able to offer at her outreach clinics in the Palestinian West Bank - thanks to donations from kind supporters like you - is for a vet to perform humane castration operations under a full anaesthetic. This simple operation can spare a male donkey from suffering horrific pain as there are numerous quack vets who operate throughout the West Bank doing so called ‘castrations’ using the most torturous method. Literally a hand made giant nut cracker type device is used and the method of ‘tranquilizing’ the donkey consists of a group of men sitting on him to force him to stay down.

Yesterday, the vet went to the sanctuary to do the two gelding operations for both new boys, Noah and Jeremiah. The saddest thing was that, as he started Jeremiah’s operation, he could see that this poor little donkey had been made to suffer such a crime, and it hadn’t even done the job. By the look of what he could see, that little donkey would have suffered unimaginable pain over a prolonged period. It’s a wonder how he stayed alive and didn’t die from infection and such a shock to his system, as some of them inevitably do.

He’s the sweetest, gentlest boy despite what he’s been through and both he and dear Noah are recovering very well from their operations. Lucy is of course treating Jeremiah’s harness wounds and his injuries from having been beaten.

Will you help us support Lucy’s work? Your kind donations are so critical to the sanctuary’s survival, and no matter how small, every donation helps! Thank you so much!

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