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Baby Poppy update 💕

Look at super cute Poppy, the little donkey with spinal scoliosis, born just over a week ago at Lucy's sanctuary in Israel... Here she is with mama Carrots and the rest of the wonderful herd of rescued donkeys, and as you can see she certainly doesn't let her deformity inhibit her play, and long may it continue! Of course we hope and pray that somehow nature will be kind and find its own way of sorting things out so that little Poppy will be strong and healthy. Our concern for her is because she has quite severe scoliosis and apparently this can pose a future risk of the rib cage possibly pressing against the lungs and heart, making it more difficult to breathe and harder for the heart to pu

Presentation for our Ditchling Support Group

Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation was recently asked by the Ditchling Support Group to do some talks and presentations about the work of the charity, to different groups. The first took place on 19th November and was combined with afternoon tea and delicious cakes. It was very successful and people showed great interest, purchased lots of cards and other items as well as made very generous donations. Our grateful thanks go to all those who attended, donated and signed up to the Database as well. Our next talk and presentation will be in early February 2019, exact date and venue to be confirmed later.

Rain, rain, go away...

A very rainy day with 40 very sweet donkeys and the 3 horses, all huddled together under their field shelter, while Lucy cleaned their barn. Amazing to see as they’re all behaving perfectly together, not one nudge, bite or kick! ❤️ As soon as the rain stops, they start to venture out. One drop and they’re straight back in again. Little Poppy and her mama are already in their clean stable. DONATE NOW

Newsletter November 2018

It's here! Our latest newsletter is out with lots of information about Lucy's work helping the donkeys in the Holy Land. Click on the image to open it in PDF format. If you would like to ensure you don't miss our newsletter in the future - and other mailings - please sign up to receive it on our mailings page.

Welcome to the world, beautiful Poppy!

A new foal has been born at Lucy's sanctuary, and she is the cutest thing ever! Here's a first hand account from Lucy: Our clever little Carrots finally gave birth to the tiniest, most endearing and precious little baby girl donkey I’ve ever seen. She is such a wise little soul. She has a deformity in her spine, Scoliosis so she has a little hunched back and it’s possible that she was born a little prematurely as she really is tiny. We are watching her and her Mummy very carefully and my heart aches for her and I’m praying so much that she will make it... She is so very beautiful, she has brown velvet fur with an adorable little white star on her forehead... I have of course, fallen in love

Thank you to those who made the Beaconsfield book signing such a success!

Some of you will have seen the notice about the Book Signing in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire on 3rd November and I was delighted to be invited along with Lucy's parents. It was a beautiful but cold day and we were given the warmest welcome in every way. The book signing and coffee morning was held in the United Reformed Church hall which has a beautiful well-kept garden area. Brenda and her team of helpers had been hard at work the evening before and everything was ready, well planned and very organised. There was an array of literally hundreds of really interesting books on just about every topic and suitable for any age group or interest. We had a table for us to display and offer for s

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