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Just in time for Christmas: the donkeys are in their new home!

A week ago today, Lucy’s new donkey sanctuary was finally ready for the animals to move into. It was truly a mammoth task as Lucy and her helpers had to do it all with their horse box whilst the weather was good and dry.

According to Lucy, the donkeys are calm and even more friendly and loving than usual - even the more timid little souls, perhaps as they’re more relaxed. They seem to sense it’s a safer, more peaceful environment.

But moving them wasn’t an easy task for those involved. 37 animals who didn’t want to walk out of their field and barn and didn’t want to load into the horse box and didn’t want to walk down out of it at the other end either!

It was a really hot day and Lucy and her team were exhausted by the end, but also extremely grateful to all those who volunteered to help them, especially Eran and Einat. Thank you also from Lucy’s UK Donkey Foundation to everyone who helped so much - with practical help as well as with donations. You made this move to a safer location possible, and we are deeply grateful.

It’s still not over yet as there is still a lot of stuff to disassemble and move from the previous sanctuary, but the good news is that all the donkeys and horses are moved and settling in beautifully - including precious blind Zachariah. The vet administered a tranquilliser beforehand to help him keep calm and Lucy made sure she took his familiar smelling padding with her to put in his new bigger stable, which had also been pre-padded to help protect him.

Have a look at the pictures below to see just how happy they are investigating their new home. They look particularly resplendent at the moment in their gorgeous thick, velvety winter coats!

If you would like to help Lucy look after Zachariah and her other 36 donkeys and horses at the new sanctuary, there are several ways to do it. Click here to find out how.

Click on the pictures for larger image and description

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