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Another two little donkeys, found beaten and abused....

Despite our desperately low funds, we could not turn these two donkeys away.

This is Valerie and Taylor, possibly mother and son, found a few days ago being viciously beaten. Lucy and her helpers managed to rescue them right before a bad storm hit, so thankfully they are now safe and warm at Lucy's sanctuary. Both have scars and injuries and the vet needs to come to do the op on the young boy asap.

The real costs begin when we first rescue a donkey and need to start providing the necessary care - care that costs money, each day, week, month and year and without your support, our work cannot continue.

Please consider making a donation. Every little helps and enables Lucy to take these dear souls in and give them a safe home, protected from the harsh cruelty they would otherwise face.


(through Give as You Live)

Or click here for more donation options.

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