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Goodbye little Crystal....

Tragically, we have lost one of Lucy's beautiful rescued donkeys, Crystal.

We don’t know what the cause was, she had been completely well but literally just collapsed and passed away, it was very sudden.

Dear Crystal was not young and she’d had a tremendously hard life before Lucy rescued her in 2016. She came to Lucy's sanctuary with her adult daughter Bella, and she was also pregnant with Bilbo - it was clear that she was a very worn out, hard worked, old soul even then.

The vet thinks her cause of death could have been heart failure or a severe stroke. We have to take heart in the fact that she was with Lucy living a very contented, relaxed and peaceful life for her last three years.

Her son Bilbo has been left heartbroken as he was deeply attached to her and Lucy made sure he could be with her for a considerable time after she passed to help enable him to understand and accept that she’s gone, but he did keep calling for her.

He will of course get used to it and we have to be thankful for the fact that he has his whole family/herd who will help him through it and his half sister, Bella.

RIP beautiful darling.

Click on the pictures for larger image and more info

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