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In loving memory of our little elderly Valerie donkey... 🙏🏼♥️

Two days ago we sadly lost our dear little Val. Lucy found her passed away.

We were not surprised because we knew she didn’t have much time left with us due to her age and the cancerous tumor in her throat.

Many a time Lucy and husband & volunteer Adi had wondered if they should call the vet to just let her go, but because she was feisty, enjoyed life and had such a good appetite despite being so thin, and she was so happy just dawdling around all day eating her hay and having treats, they didn’t feel it would be right to take her life before time.

Of course Lucy and Adi really did not want her to have to die, they had hoped the day would come when Valerie would show signs of letting them know it was her time to go so that they could have called the vet and let her go by giving her a painless injection... Yet on the other hand, this way nature took its natural course... 🙏🏼 😓

May Valerie’s beloved donkey soul rest in heavenly peace ♥️

Thank you for supporting our small organisation and for having made it possible for Lucy and Adi to care and provide for dear Valerie since she was rescued in April 2019 - thanks to your generosity she was able to enjoy just over a year of total love and contentment, as well as complete safety at Lucy's sanctuary.

We have 49 little rescued donkeys and 3 horses still to care for each and every day and night so please continue to help us if you can, and help to spread the word about our work. Thank you so much... 🙏🏼♥️

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