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New arrival Joey

Joey when he arrived at the sanctuary

We recently took in a young donkey who we have called Joey.

All we know about him is that he came from the Palestinian West Bank, across the border and he’d apparently been used to running alongside his mother as she pulled a cart.

Tragically about four months ago was struck by a car injuring his right back leg leaving him with a limp, meaning he was no longer able to keep up running along by his mother’s side. His mother must have felt distraught because in the end the owner just left him by the wayside to try to fend for himself.

A man who knew all this thankfully ended up taking him and simply kept him, without care, in an old yard area until he couldn’t cope any longer and we were called for help.

Little Joey came to us in a bit of a dirty state but due to the rainy weather and cold we don’t want to bath him yet.

He just needs peace time now to settle in, come to terms with seeing so many other donkeys around him and soon our vet, Dr Jaber, will come to check him. He also needs our farrier, Hagai, to come to trim his little feet. We think his poor leg has pretty much reset itself so there might be very little we can really do now, but our vet will tell us.

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