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Welcome, little Sergio!

Another abandoned, endangered little donkey now rescued, safe and loved. Sergio was found running terrified on a busy main road narrowly missing a collision... He’s yet another adorable soul, approximately 7 years old, and has become firmly bonded with fellow new rescue Chico.

Due to space issues, Lucy tried stabling them together in the hope that they’d like each other. At first Chico, being a youngster, tried asserting his authority over the older gentleman, but he soon decided he couldn’t be bothered using so much energy for all that and realized that to just relax and munch hay with him, occasionally grooming him, would be far better! Now they’re pretty much inseparable.

If you would be able to help us look after and provide for Sergio and Chico and our other 54 rescued donkeys and horses, now and into the future, we would be so very grateful to you for your desperately needed support.

THANK YOU for all donations, whatever the amount you may be able to give, your help means everything to us and our little donkeys. Only with thanks to you is our vital work able to continue!

God bless you all for your care, kindness and thoughtfulness 🙏🏼♥️


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