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Zachariah Update

Dear Zachariah... a gentle donkey who was tortured in the cruelest way by the despicable act of having his eyes gouged out.

He came to us in 2017 and we are incredibly proud of him and his progress. We knew nothing of his history but it was suspected that he may even have come from across the Syrian border into Israel. He’d suffered terrible cruelty not just with his eyes but he also had what looked like stab wounds on both sides of his neck.

It has taken nearly 5 years of dedicated care, patience and love for him to know and understand that he finally has nothing to fear. For the first couple of years it was very difficult at times just to get close to him and he was terrified of every movement. He still can’t quite get used to wanting to be outside in the field with all the other donkeys during the day, we're not sure if he’ll ever be ready for that, but he does like being near them from across the fence. He also loves sharing from a big pile of hay at night through his stable’s fence, and hearing the comfort of the soft munching surrounding him as he joins in. He’s just recently had a little cold and runny nose and had to be given a course of daily antibiotics by injection. He stands so calmly, as good as gold when having his injection and looks forward to his carrot treat right after.

He is a darling, precious soul and he is with us only thanks to our supporters who make it possible, through their donations, for our sanctuary to survive and keep going. Our work is vital and we need to ensure we will always be here for Zachariah and all our other rescued animals and for those who still need us. Please help us if you can by making a donation and sharing this story as widely as possible.

We are so immensely grateful to you for your support… THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU…


#DonkeySanctuary #DonkeyRescue #DonkeysInTheHolyLand #DonkeysInTheMiddleEast #AnimalRescue


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