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Do you shop online? Then you can raise money for Lucy’s work at no extra cost!

Do you order your groceries online from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets? Do you use Ebay? What about online travel like,, Trainline, Travellodge etc? Then it's time to register with​ Easyfundraising and help raise money for Lucy's work in the Holy Land. Over 2700 UK retailers from entertainment, fashion and beauty to insurance, finance, travel and mobiles including Amazon, John Lewis and Argos participate in the scheme. It is a fantastic way to raise money to support Lucy's work in the Holy Land when you buy from UK online retailers - without it costing you a penny extra! To date, 23 of our supporters have registered and raised over £280 - simply by

Thank you for visiting our stall at the RSPCA Brighton Open Day!

The RSPCA Open Day 2018 took place last Sunday, and Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation was there! The Open Day is always a really enjoyable day - it’s a very big, well organised event that runs like clockwork. All due to a great team of staff and volunteers and it is a real credit to all concerned. Last Sunday was a a glorious afternoon, very hot but with a nice gentle breeze. We had lots of visitors and are very pleased to say our children’s books and beautiful cards supplied by a local person proved to be as popular as ever, enabling us to raise funds to support the work of the Sanctuary in the Holy Land. Thank you to everyone who visited! DID YOU KNOW? You can support Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation

Mobile ‘clinic’ in the Palestinian West Bank

Yesterday, Lucy and her small team went to El Founduk, a town in the Palestinian West Bank, in order to help alleviate some of the suffering for hard working donkeys and horses. It was quite a drive to the town - across the Israeli border, through lots of villages, past many settlements... off the main road and down into valleys then up into hills, driving though tiny, narrow little streets and eventually, they were there. The donkeys were not in a bad condition as far as being fed well goes. It’s just the harsh and cruel treatment and how terrified they are, too afraid to even sniff a carrot. Lucy managed to get a few to trust her enough to take a carrot from her hand and let her gently pla

Follow Zak, the Border Collie, on Twitter

Hello! My name is Zak and I'm a 13 year old Border Collie. Some of you may have seen me promoting the Bulletin on the charity website. Here's a link to the current one. My owners, Lily and Alan, have supported Lucy for a long time and I have been listening to them discussing Lucy's work with the rescued donkeys in Israel. If the PC is on, I occasionally take a sneaky look at the website and I also like to read the interesting emails that Lucy sends to Lily about the day-to-day running of sanctuary life. Afterwards, when I'm falling asleep - which I do quite often at my age - I'm transported to the sanctuary and imagining that I'm there with Lucy and all her lovely animals. I have set up my o

Meet Lucy's latest rescuee: Siggi

Another little, possibly pregnant, hard working donkey rescued from a bitterly tough life and taken to love and safety at Lucy’s sanctuary in Israel. You can see in her face her turmoil, it seems to reflect the tough life she’s endured. Lucy named her Siggi and she thinks she’s about 6 or 7 years old and and also quite possibly pregnant. She was seen by one of the border patrol army units standing harnessed to a cart, for two days under the boiling sun without water. They unhitched her harness and cart and led her away. Her feet were a bit overgrown and she has a little wounded nose but thankfully it’s just superficial, from chafing, nothing deep. Lucy bathed it and now it’s just pink health

Sanctuary tractor urgently needed

Lucy and the volunteers at the 4 acre sanctuary are struggling with the heavy manual work without the use of a tractor for digging, scraping, spreading sand, lifting/moving heavy hay bales and dealing with the muck heap. Unfortunately, a second hand tractor is very expensive in the Holy Land, costing £8000 to £9000. We need to raise this money as soon as possible. Can you please help? For a donation of £25 or more to help purchase a tractor, supporters can choose either: A) A donkey brooch, 28x28mm (UK only) or B) A donkey keyring, 35x30mm (UK only) Both come with a beautiful photo of Lucy with her donkeys. Click for full image HOW TO DONATE: Step 1: Donate by PayPal, GoFundMe or bank transf

Darling boy Zachariah - tortured, maimed and left without his eyes...

He was found at the Syrian border and so cruelly had both his eyes gouged out and was stabbed each side of his neck. We are determined to do everything in our power to keep the sanctuary going so that Lucy can always be there for tortured, abused and neglected donkeys who need her help, like Zachariah. Here’s a little update for the many who love him to show his amazing progress. ​ ​He is less and less fearful with time. Lucy always needs to talk as she approaches him and so long as she touches him first on his neck and strokes him and talks all the time to him, he really enjoys attention. He loves to be groomed which is needed often as he adores rolling around in the sawdust on his stable f

The latest Bulletin ist out!

Don't miss out on the latest news from Lucy in Israel. The latest Bulletin, kindly compiled and sponsored by a very generous supporter in the UK, has now been published. It's full with snippets of information about the latest happenings in Israel and fundraising initiatives/ideas. Just click on the image below to open the Bulletin (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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