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A sad story

With much of our world still in such a sad situation, we are truly sorry for adding to that sadness now. We feel only that we must show you this poor suffering little soul because it’s important to us to show the sort of terrible circumstances poor donkeys often find themselves forced to endure in the Holy Land and the Middle East in general. This dear soul was found by soldiers close to a military checkpoint not far from Hebron in the Palestinian West Bank. She had clearly been struck by a vehicle and left to suffer in what must have been such intolerable pain. The soldiers kindly found what old covers and blankets that they could to try to cover her and keep her warm and then tried a few of the bigger rescue organisations based in Israel for help, but their calls were unanswered. Thankfully for that little donkey, they soon found our contact details in Israel and we immediately arranged for one of the kind Palestinian vets based in that area to go to the donkey. He said, in his opinion, the poor little thing had been hit at least a few days earlier and her body was covered in bleeding wounds and she had multiple fractures, so the only thing he could do for her was end her suffering by administering euthanasia.

This tragically is of course not the first time we’ve come across a case such as this and believe it or not, some even worse than this, and it will undoubtedly not be the last. But the crucial thing is that thanks to you and your vital support, generosity and love, we are able to help these precious souls.

If you are able to help us in our mission to help these dear, gentle souls, all donations and sharing of our appeals and stories are very deeply appreciated.



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