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Ian's ear injury

We had to call the vet out a few days ago to tend to our little Ian donkey. When he went in to the barn that evening, we noticed his ear bleeding. We think he must have cut it on a sharp piece of our field’s old fencing.

He needed a few stitches and as he would not allow the vet anywhere near him, he had to be tranquilized.

The field’s fencing and the field shelter have since been examined thoroughly and any sharp areas taken care of. It is difficult as we have no plentiful resources to build good, proper buildings and barns or install urgently needed secure new fencing - and no staff to speak of to help constantly monitor and scrutinise everything.

Thankfully this is not a usual occurrence, it is a one off, but still of course it should not happen at all.

Our fencing is falling apart and we are desperate to get better and more secure fencing put in place for a variety of reasons, including security of course and to withstand the weight of donkeys pushing against it and scratching their rumps on it.

But with 280 metres length needed and 1.5 metres height of extremely strong, sturdy posts and tightly woven wire fencing we are looking at needing a small fortune. We have had a few quotes, the cheapest of which is just over 150,000 Israeli shekels ($43,000 / £35,000 / €40,000).

So we know that the likelihood of us ever having new fencing is extremely low and will probably have to remain a dream unfulfilled. We will just have to keep trying to look out for sharp pieces of rusty poles and tie the poles and posts up to other bits and pieces to stop it collapsing completely despite the constant concern that the donkeys will one day push it right down and be off out across the horizon.

Our vet today presented us with his bill for Ian’s ear treatment and it’s 1,800 Israeli shekels ($550 / £445 / €500). Apart from the treatment, the bill also includes a few medicines including an antibiotic for continuing to treat Ian, and of course the vet had to use the anaesthetic which always makes the vet visit and treatment fees more expensive. At least our Ian is healing and improving every day ♥️🙏🏼

If you are able to contribute anything towards the costs of running our sanctuary, we would be so grateful.

We thank you with all our hearts for your generosity and support always, we know that without you we wou ld not be able to do a single thing.



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