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Despite some truly amazing donations from our generous long-term supporters, our overall regular income from donations has been going down in the last few months. It is crucial that we find more kind-hearted people prepared to support our work, so if you, or perhaps somebody you know, may be able to help by giving a desperately needed donation to our charity or by sharing our news and appeals, we would deeply appreciate it. Lucy has just very recently taken in another two little donkeys to her sanctuary in Israel, Chico and Sergio (we will publish their stories to our website soon), both of whom needed to be gelded, receive medical treatment for injuries and of course need on going care, food and shelter, all of which adds to our monthly budget.

Chico and Sergio safe at the sanctuary

We would be so grateful for whatever amount you may be able to donate, your help means everything to us and our little donkeys. Only with thanks to you is our vital work able to continue and we need to do all we can to ensure we will always be here for our rescued animals... Thank you 🙏🏼 God bless you all for your care, kindness and thoughtfulness ♥️

Everybody at

Lucy's UK Donkey Foundation


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