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Chico’s Progress

It has only been less a few weeks, but Chico’s back is healing so beautifully. Lucy called the vet out only once for him, to rid the wound of the first layer of debris and dead and infected skin so as to help her treat the underlying tissues ourselves and promote the healing. And here are the remarkable pictures showing how he is doing so far!

We need to ensure we can continue to raise the necessary ongoing funds to maintain our sanctuary for these animals who need our love and our care. The average cost per month to run our sanctuary for 53 donkeys and 3 horses is about £5600 / $7233 / €6179 / ILS 24,522. This figure sounds such a lot of money I know, and a huge amount to try to raise every month. Yet actually, for our 56 rescued donkeys and horses and the fact that this figure includes all costs - basic feed, bedding, veterinary, farriery, the cost to rent our sanctuary and its electricity and water bills etc, it is just £100/$129/€110/ILS 438 per donkey, per month. That is £25 or $32 or €28 or 110 Israeli shekels per donkey, per week.

However... Since we are rescuing more donkeys and are now feeding 56, our need for more hay bales is naturally increasing. We are finding that ideally we really need to aim towards being able to buy another 8 bales per month to make sure we can feed all our donkeys sufficiently. We would like to be able to put more hay out in their field during the day time. When we say ‘bales’ we mean the huge half ton (500kg) bales – and each one costs approximately £120 ($156 / €133 / ILS 526), and each amount given above multiplied by 8 of course, as we need 8 extra bales a month.

We know this is going to be a huge amount extra to try to raise each month but if you can help spread the word, we would so extremely grateful...

If our little non profit organization and sanctuary is to survive, we need more caring souls like you to help by making a donation if they can and if possible to help share news about our work.

Thank you for helping us, we are so deeply grateful!

See Chico's progress:

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