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Latest rescue: Leah

Lucy and Adi have just recently taken in an extremely sad case. Leah is elderly by middle eastern donkey age standards, around 15 years, and she really has been horribly abused, particularly given that she’s an old lady. They decided to call her Leah and are pairing her up with Sika, best friend of our recently dear departed Esther.

They share a stable at night as Lucy and Adi thought that perhaps to share his night time stable area with another elderly lady who needs comforting, would be good for him and of course for her.

We think Leah came from a Bedouin camp in the Judean desert near to Bethlehem. She is a very poor little soul who has a hole in her head caused by being bludgeoned with, what our vet thinks, was a hard metal object. Her injury is of course being treated, but the trauma it has caused to her head has either damaged her left eye or something else was done to cause injury to her left eye and she has no sight. It actually looks very similar to our dear Zachariah, as though the eye has somehow been deliberately dug out, but definitely not surgically removed.

She also has some sort of old, internal fracture injury to her left front leg. This isn’t the first time we’ve come across cases like this, and when a fracture like that goes untreated for any length of time, it can often literally reset itself. The donkey adjusts and learns to live with it and accept the new way that she or he has to move.

This poor little soul has definitely suffered goodness know what terrible cruelty and pain... The only consolation is knowing that she is now out of harm’s way forever. It is a wonderful blessing to have her safely at our sanctuary and we are as always, immensely grateful to our supporters for having it possible for us to help her.

Leah's injured eye

A close up of her poor leg

Little Leah when she arrived, with wound ointment put on her head injury

Meeting the clan

Greeted by our big Stormcat horse




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