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Our latest Newsletter is out!

Don't miss out on the latest news from the Holy Land, including updates on Poppy and Ben Hur, and a report about our latest outreach clinic in the Palestinian West Bank, including a report from trainee vet Mais Haj Yahya.

Simply click on the picture to download the newsletter in PDF format.

We hope you enjoy reading it - and why not share the link with a friend who might also be interested? Spreading the word is one of the best things you can do to help grow our supporters base!

A word about the current situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories:

As supporters are probably aware, the situation in Israel is very volatile. The Outreach clinic mentioned in this Newsletter was before fighting broke out. Depending on how safe it would be, a June clinic may not be possible. We pray that the situation resolves itself quickly and that the workers and donkeys at the sanctuary stay safe.


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