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RIP Prince, a tremendous horse with a wonderful soul…

It is with great sadness that we recently had to finally say goodbye to our precious and very handsome boy, Prince. Such a wonderful horse soul and a great and gentle friend to all our little donkeys, Prince had suffered a horrendous life before coming into Lucy's care back in 2016.

He’d been routinely brutally beaten and involved in a collision with a vehicle in a nearby Arab town. He was left with an old fracture to his back leg and part of his poor little mouth was missing. He belonged to some very cruel people who couldn’t care less about him and his wounds were left to fester until thankfully one evening, one of Lucy's local helpers managed to get somebody from the family who owned Prince to let him go! Lucy had to walk that dear boy through the busy streets back to the sanctuary, then in Qalansuwa, as it was the quickest way at the time to get him to safety before somebody would change their mind.

Lucy and her husband Adi nursed him back to as much health as they could and Prince went on to enjoy a wonderful and contented life with us, despite his old injuries. He was a placid soul and readily accepted everyone, people, donkeys, other horses, the cats and the dogs.

Sadly in more recent months, he had started to lose considerable weight and no matter how much he would eat, he could not gain any. Blood tests showed very low iron levels so we tried him with an iron supplement, but in the end our vet suspected it may be something much more serious. Unfortunately we simply don’t have the resources to start doing the various tests and any necessary treatment and we also really would not have wanted to put Prince through the stress of that.

So with broken hearts, we had to let our vet gently euthanise him…

We left him for a while with all his devoted friends so that they could understand what had happened and say their own goodbyes to him.

Goodbye old man…

This video of Lucy and Prince was taken just over 3 years ago at the sanctuary.


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