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Thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody who has made a donation to help our sanctuary to continue, and our thanks also to all those who have so kindly shared our earlier appeal post. There are no words to describe how deeply thankful and grateful we are to you, but please know that we are! It is amazing that our small number of supporters have kept us afloat so far by kindly giving as much as they can, and for this, we cannot thank you enough!

But because our supporter base continues to be so small, we are simply not raising the necessary amount of funding needed the cover the ongoing costs of running our sanctuary. The essential minimum we need to raise every month for our sanctuary’s basic survival is £5000 / $6900/ €5800. We have already had to take certain decisions to try to reduce costs, which is difficult as we already operate on the absolute minimum. Despite all these efforts, our accounts show that we currently have an average deficit, every month, of £1340 or $1860 or 1554 euros, to meet our monthly budget total. We have only survived so far solely thanks to some occasional large one off donations.

The global COVID crisis continues of course to be a contributing factor and we are trying to seek alternative financial assistance to enable our outreach clinic work helping working donkeys and horses, to continue, but that still leaves us trying to find the funds to keep providing for our 56 souls at the sanctuary. Souls like our lovely little David who was rescued (along with donkey lady Barbara) from a Jewish settlement after complaints of 'two donkeys running the streets and boys riding and mercilessly beating them'. Just look at how happy he is at the sanctuary now, playing with his rescued friends!

There is currently no other safe, risk free place for our beloved animals to go to, so we need to try to find a way to ensure we can secure the monthly amount needed to maintain our sanctuary.

For our sanctuary to continue it is imperative that we increase our number of supporters. If you are able to do everything you can to share our appeals with others and on any/all social media platforms to spread the word, we would be so grateful.

We have created a ‘poster’ for social media, which you can download below. You can then use it to promote our charity on any social media channel you are on to help spread the word; ideally, please include a link to our website and information about how to donate.

Will you help us? We will not be able to continue without your critical help.

It is very important to us that you know how very much we appreciate your support and we thank you so much for caring. You are amazing!




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